Never Too Late!

Never Too Late!
any resemblance to anyone real or imaginary is mere bad luck
we are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are trying to get up


Random bibliomantic selection from notebooks approx Oct 2002

Worst things in the world:
1. used teabag in an ashtray, like a slug with cigarettes stubbed out on it

Look Out For Dodgy Black Magic Types Looking For Victims to Zombify
"We’re a cooperative."
"A cooperative to do what?"
"Umm... commit electric fraud, and, umm...."
Every second person is selling drugs – it’s ridiculous. It defies all laws of economics.

"I get off the plane and I ask someone the time and I get a right-wing answer."

This Cosmology is Infinite! Consider this a Free Sample.

The pleasure of your acquaintance is infinite, but why are you wearing that body?"
”Well, it's quite comfortable. So where do you find a party in London on a Monday night?"

Send this robot to take over the Tory party.
No problem sir I will infiltrate their scene.

The charge is sodomy with malice
It was self-defence, your honour.
Sodomy’s a fine thing, lad. Shame I can’t fuckin stand gay people.

There was an old woman trying to get in.
So I hit that wizened old bitch with a tyre iron.

It’s nasty up around Highgate… I was coming out of a shop when this old lady leaned out her Bentley with an AK and tried to blow me away. But she missed with all thirty bullets… as she sped away, she ran over three albino Pekinese with matching collars at a zebra crossing... Two of them died...

But being the highest point in London, once the terrorists hit London with nerve gas, we’ll be alright, on an island rising from a hazy sea of green mist. And all the alpha-males will still be able to gather around in their dressing gowns drinking coffee.
The voice says: Do not grasp clumsily. Let the moment pass. There will be another one.