Never Too Late!

Never Too Late!
any resemblance to anyone real or imaginary is mere bad luck
we are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are trying to get up


Backstage in blogworld

It is cliché to describe blogs as self-obsessed. I am going to write about other people. As a means of developing this, here are excerpts of e-mail communications from blogging friends, whom I know personally on the physical plane to varying degrees, from intimately to never-met.

(But what's next for realgem?): I am working up to begin publishing a series of stories and photos that some people who know me (but hopefully not yet this blog) will consider privacy-intruding or libellous or some such...

>The Malung - Dave Bones the film-maker, who told me to come to London(malung-tv-news, Socialist Wanker)
from: Dave Bones
to: 'lazy'
subject: mus remem to rid bik pist agin wonday

hey i just typed in Dave Bones to google and I come out top of the list. what a fucking rockstar no? I mean really superstar status no?

[Also see for an interesting never-met assessment of this complex character.]

>carlos carah - draws writes drinks does heavy drugs chases women (bostumana)

I´m alright in this side of the globe, but feeling insane sometimes. Since i´d came back i just find some troubles and problems with girls and alcohol. I went to Rio in New Years Eve and it was very bad. The girl that i pretend [intend?] to like found another guy and i went crazy with acid on the beach. But i didn´t feel sad. I really don´t care about this brainless brazilians bitches.

I hope you well. Life changes. We just need to try to not lose control, and it´s a hard thing for us: hedonists junkies.


Ei man, i´m reading your blog and i like it!

Tonite i´ll drink a lot for you!!

And FUCK my job!!


All I can say to you is to forget about her. I was in love with a girls when i was in London, but when i arrived here she was with a big friend and i just keep she out of my mind. It wasn´t easy, but i´m ok now. She wants me back, but no way. I´m free now! We´re fucking young to be married! Buried!


I should have take a picture of me last night and put it on my door, just to remember how i was yesterday. Like a piece of shit.

Last thusday was my last club night, and i made a lot of bad things there, then i went to another party to play some rocknroll and did shit too. I think a have a lot of enemies in Brazil now. I don´t care about it.

I´ve been laughing (?) a lot this weekend. Here everybody is saying shit everytime. I told about you to some girls here and they want to know you. I said that it will happen soon.

>deek deekster - famous blogger brimming with good energy, wit and intelligence (Blog of Funk)

it's a small world, but not if you have to dominate it!

how are you? are you living feet from me in fact? i live near Highbury Corner.


Nice to meet you yesterday.

This is the March 5th night of fun


very good i really enjoyed last night, just this side of depraved with lots of entertainment

you were having fun i noticed you bopping with alacrity

she was lovely, alacrity

>NARDAC who understands the tragicomedy (Holy Smokes!!!)

The best part is obviously the booting out of your female character. However, like a good sitcom, I know she'll be back sometime in the next few episodes.


I knew the banished one would wangle her way back onto your pages.
She's turning into the Dylan of your 90210.

btw, sounds to me like you're definitely NOT over her.

You're a funny monkey, and you taste the rawness... just try to get your balance back.. sounds mighty earthquakelike over there

>Dr Otter - highly literate cryptofascist, chess player, a character so extreme and illegal that he must remain untraceable to a real-life location (Dr Otter's 5th Column on Socialist Wanker)
YES!...Discrimination, exclusivity and the persuit of excellence are the ONLY routes to worthy artistic/literary endeavour ... Perhaps give you a bell later.

Having looked through Constantine,Parfrey and Home et al I can find no reference to meme theory..Perhaps I am missing something,and you could possibly help me by showing me around my book collection?....Jus' kidding, but I think what you had in mind was the Shelby-Downard article on monism etc..

Also,the guy on the bus had on some kind of wool affair,like the ones worn by islamic types...And honestly, I dont START fights..Never have..Nor do I relish belligerence...And consider this,my freind, your levels of belligerence are fairly high and you dont even have the luxury of pleading old age....Sorry but your last email did have a fairly nauseating air of condescension about it.

Hope you're using the number I gave you [the heroin delivery in 20mins number] with due care and restraint..Remember as the old guy said (smartass) "you must always pay it all,pay it all,pay it all back...Every bit you have stolen.....".

Isn't the snow pretty?(exhales)...

>paulette - makes music, has a website, was introduced as a character to blogworld as "P", on another blog (this one), somewhere sometime in the mists of time (mafagafinhos)

I really didn't understand what you tried to say, but enjoyed your blog. You seem much relaxed and cheerful!! Well done, Mike! I just think you should remember me with joy at all times as we agreed, but that picture with my middle finger up show a little bitterness in the air. Nevermind.
PS: I write my blog for me. Can you please erase the link? Cheers.


I don't want other people to read my blog. I need to write more often so it becomes a real bolg. Till then, I'll "keep myself to myself"
I promise to get back to it as soon as possible.
Have a good day


Please make sure you remove my blog's link from yours. Please.