Never Too Late!

Never Too Late!
any resemblance to anyone real or imaginary is mere bad luck
we are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are trying to get up


My new lady

It is 10 days since my last post. I am fighting through a warm opiate haze to type and bring you up-to-date on the newest stories. There is catching up to do, but it is Never Too Late...

It is 365 days since I got married. Feb 20, and I wake up in moderately bad heroin withdrawal...

[[blahblahblahblahblahetc - temporarily redacted]]

(This, in itself, is not an original thought... it was one of the favourite themes of my sister E___'s smelly homeless friend in Bristol, for example... Poets have always recognised that opium is feminine.)

Enough, Jesus Christ, enough. Maybe the whole universe does revolve around my love life? More entertaining stories coming soon.