Never Too Late!

Never Too Late!
any resemblance to anyone real or imaginary is mere bad luck
we are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are trying to get up


Night: Whitechapel to New Cross Gate

today on realgem
Lessons in photography :: Internet addiction :: Going to South London :: The art of Arofish

Lessons in photography: Walking through the London night… Talking to street people and people out on the Friday night, dispensing cigarettes, change, cider in uncharacteristic generosity to strangers blaggers bums I know what everyone's on and what their game is and FORGETTING TO TAKE A PORTRAIT PHOTO OF THEM IN REPAYMENT. (like this:)

or this:

Addicted to computers:

It was quite late - got the strange impulse suddenly to travel all the way to far South London to meet the malung and do web stuff and talk ideas. Made my way through Friday night East London, leaving the house standing empty despite premonitions detailed below. The malung was writing to dodgy people with strangely familiar Arabic names – Mr Abu Hamza, Belmarsh Prison – waiting for one of the TV channels to get back to him about his documentary proposal (see here)…

The East London line is my favourite Tube line – a short grimy afterthought on the Underground network that takes me from Whitechapel to far south New Cross Gate in 23 minutes, via Wapping and Shadwell and the docklands…

"Vill you go to partie with me?" (Uhhmmm can we skip all that and just do it here?)

NO! I won’t – I’m going to use the fucking internet at my friend’s place, hahahaaa! (What’s this? God it must be true I’m a faggot.) Or is this is the ugly face of my racism? – I’ve got a temporary aversion to east Euros… I’m living proof that intelligent, sensitive, enlightened young fellow like me can be total racist… (My main ire is still reserved for the Anglo-Saxon nation…)

It is such a long long time since I got the chance to sit down all night in front of a broadbanded computer, smoking dope and reading blogs… And writing all these entries and putting up photos and how nice they look on a good tft screen instead of my gypsy-ass skip monitor... Addicted to the net… Even those times when I’m penniless, strung out, right in the gutter, I still got to plug in… I need it… I don’t know what it’s about… one day I will understand everything…

The eerie art of Arofish:

We turn into a low tunnel under railway arches, and with pleasure and honour I encounter for the first time in first-person view the art of Arofish... whose strange surreal story about going to Iraq to graffiti US military installations and being arrested appeared on Socialist Wanker, from where you can follow links to his own web galleries and such. (all copyright belong to him etc etc)

("she walks in beauty like the night")