Never Too Late!

Never Too Late!
any resemblance to anyone real or imaginary is mere bad luck
we are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are trying to get up


New ideas, new blog to advertise, lots of new books

Well, I'm here... I suppose I'll have to find something to say, then...

Paulette has a new blog in English this time, you might want to look at that... She opens with a quote from Beyond Good and Evil: "Let he who fights with monsters see to it he does not himself become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you", the Nietschzean bitch... (oh don't be like that e Paula, fica na boa, you know I like you...)

The dealer-man foned me up as I was sitting here in my virtual office (the requirements are: internet cafe that really does good caffe, and must be free to smoke...)

provisional nerve centre of operations

a very nice one on Bethnal Green Rd here... Oh, there I go giving away my location again... He's saying he got some good new stuff in, cheap... I didn't even have a moment of struggle... Sorry man, I'm taking a break, I say, and it was so easy to say it's absurd... He hangs up quick, doesn't try to push it...
Respect for that, S___ my man...

Now that I solved all my problems I feel a great emptiness... What on earth will I be able to write about? What on earth will I live for?

Something funny did just happen though... I was looking wistfully through an estate agent's window at properties to let and sell as I walked past (like I seem to find myself doing these days)... The guy inside clocked me looking, made eye-contact, made as if he were half-thinking to come out the shop to invite me in to try and sell me a £200k leasehold...

Total astonishment from me as I walk on. Realised it was the more-or-less scruffy but elegant appearance, blazer paired with good jeans and nice slip-on leather shoes sort of thing... Looking, but more importantly, feeling less the homeless junkie... Which I never looked anyway, I've got pictures to prove it... Suddenly with the demeanour of someone who might actually have business at the estate agents... Hahahaaa!

What a funny and alien thought.

I also inherited part of a large book collection yesterday. I always had a dream to start a 2nd hand bookshop... Not that I have anywhere to put 1000s of books... I asked Dr Otter (who's gonna start a blog soon) if he knew Charles Shaar Murray... He said "Do I know Charles Shaar Murray? He asks me, do I know Charles Shaar Murray..." like I'm an idiot or something. So very good, I tell him... I just got part of his library which he is heart-wrenchingly having to downsize... Can I store some thousands of books here? (Not like Doc O has the space for it...) Hahahaa! So now I have a lot of books, and Doc O has about half the floor space he used to...

Ciao for now.