Never Too Late!

Never Too Late!
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Things you can do with wrecked armour

If you have had decades of conflict in your back yard and the whole place is a dreadful mess, despair not! Here we bring you some creative ideas for the use of war detritus for the discerning home-maker.

[this post will be updated with more and better pictures as they arrive, until I get completely bored at least]

Abandoned APCs can be used as roadside advertising billboards.

Tank tracks can be embedded in the road to make excellent speed bumps.

If you have a large number of trashed APCs, don't leave them lying around in a big mess; stack them neatly on top of each other in the river and build a petrol station on top of them.

The engine compartment of an old T-55 makes a marvellous place to plant a shrubbery.

Trashed upside-down tanks are also absolutely splendid for preventing avalanches and soil erosion.

Spent artillery shell casings are just the thing for sealing the ends of your roof beams to prevent rot; or why not go the whole way and line your whole roof with them?

They also make good traffic cones.