Never Too Late!

Never Too Late!
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Afghanistan: Hashashin trailer

Brilliant. This is meant to be a trailer for a feature length film. The film-maker is called Emre Mirza, I think Turkish, and the name of the American who speaks Pashtu and passes for Afghan is John Cristopher Turner. The production is French, guessing by the sub-titles. Does anyone out there know anything more about this film? Send information, please.

(We have an update, with an anonymous comment seemingly originating from Bali, Indonesia, according to which Mr Mirza is a fraud and has no rights to this footage. Other sources also suggest that he cut and run from filming in Afghanistan, stealing a quantity of irreplacable footage which didn't belong to him.)


tui said...


c2much said...

man I need a high speed internet connection. Trying to stream anyhing on dial up is horrible

Indigobusiness said...

I seem to remember this film playing on PBS here, awhile back. I don't remember much except being impressed.

Seeing this trailer jolted me with an eerie blast of deja vu.

Anonymous said...

emre mirza is a piece of shit fraud with no legal rights to this footage