Never Too Late!

Never Too Late!
any resemblance to anyone real or imaginary is mere bad luck
we are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are trying to get up


The Summoning of the Dark Matter

Question: What is dark matter and what is it good for?

Answer: A theoretical astro-physical concept to explain the missing ghost mass in the universe.

The intangible ineffable creative intelligence of the universe is also "dark". The ghost in the machine is also invisible.

We summon dark matter. The dark matter will permeate our being and alter it, and emit dark rays. We invoke dark matter from the universal information matrix, or the non-locality matrix, and manifest it as an egg in our local space-time. We summon more dark matter.

It will reach a critical mass and collapse the structure of the space-time around it. Dark matter will then begin to pour into our locality from the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Dark matter is the medium of molecular intelligence. The creative force of "anti-entropy", the birth of ever-more complex forms, is a function of dark matter, just as gravity is a function of mass.

Dark matter acts as an attractor of wealth and fortune. Do not assume your own definitions of wealth and fortune will apply here. Dark matter attracts unpredictability (chaos contains more information). It binds and twists disparate threads. Its nature is hyper-linked rather than linear. It is the driving force of evolution. It is the material basis of intelligence and consciousness. It is the aether, it is the orgone, the chi, the prana.

We summon dark matter. We develop further the means, the rituals, the programmes and codes by which to summon more. Our ability to programme the non-locality matrix increases with the amount of dark matter in our cells, and our summonings and invocations become more powerful. The process is exponential. The effort is in a) initiating the process and b) achieving the critical mass.

Take a deep breath now. Clear your mind and listen to one or two breath-cycles without thinking. There, that's all the preparation necessary.

Now see, in your mind's eye, the glittering molecular vastness of the universal matrix, or a representation thereof. You only have to see it for a few seconds. Visualise the interstellar gulf, see the stars and galaxies spin and whirl and collapse and die; see the nebulae, the novae, the black holes, the clouds of incandescing gas spiralling down the sink-hole of the universe.

Speak – aloud or internally, it doesn't matter – but speak forcefully. "I summon the dark matter!" you can say. "I manifest dark matter! From the depths of the non-locality matrix, I call the dark matter!"

Before you, a dark egg starts forming, a floating purple-black form. See the dark matter pour from the vastness of the universe into this form floating before you.

Once you have felt the rush of dark matter in the arteries of the universe, you may turn back to more mundane things. Absorb the dark matter into your being, or allow it to disperse into your locality. Fold the universe carefully once you are finished with it. Look about you and breathe.

The process should take ten seconds, no more. You have begun the great work of summoning dark matter into our locality. Trust your intuition in these things. Dark matter actively seeks to infiltrate this reality. You will be provided with signs and instructions.

It has begun.

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