Never Too Late!

Never Too Late!
any resemblance to anyone real or imaginary is mere bad luck
we are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are trying to get up


Notes from the underground

What is happening to realgem?

Astonishment of astonishments. Lazy has been commissioned to research and write a book (a short one, albeit). By Thursday lunchtime. This probably implies some 18-hour working days ahead.

So the boss phoned me up and asked me to write a book by the end of next week. He says to find myself a female assistant, as interviewees (yeah, we have to do all that as well as write it) are often less threatened when approached by a woman. So I arrange to fly the lovely female assistant here from Milan at extremely short notice. This is nice. Feel like an international player, here. "Hi Z__, got a job for you, I'm buying you a ticket to London, how long do you need to get ready?"

This was the first clean day after another relapse. Truth is: Lazy never did stop taking opiate chemicals, whatever he told you. Well, for a few days maybe. So, the story is: write a book in one week, while withdrawing from heroin. Does this remind me of William Burroughs and a famous book he wrote? Illustrious precedents...

But shit, this one is to do with the Charles and Camilla royal wedding thing... We will have Charles having sex with giant millipedes and Camilla selling her body for Dr Benway to use it as a laboratory.

The going is definitely getting weird, here. Time for the weird to get pro. Concentrate.

postscript to the note - Why take heroin?
I am profoundly sick, sick, sick of stunningly beautiful women (spoiled self-satisfied bitches) who have become accustomed to instant obedience by a life-time of adulation by men who eagerly ask "Off what?" when commanded to jump. Heroin grants me freedom from beautiful women. Sometimes, help me God, I need that freedom... just for a bit of breathing space... You can call me a junkie and some people do. But why does no one make disapproving remarks about my dependency on beautiful women? I wish I were homosexual, really I do. I tried it once but I didn't like it. But I suppose these people have their own problems, too...

But you cannot separate the sexual drive from the creative drive, the force of anti-entropy that drives to write, to create, to push things forward... Kill the sex drive and you kill the primary motive force... Energy is energy and you cannot so easily split it into categories... It is maybe a misnomer to call it the sex drive; all these energies are manifestations of the same primal life-energy...


transience said...

brilliant how you equated the sexual drive with the creative drive. both are as basic as psyche. makes me realize how i like thinking of the creative drive as an impulse: a sudden jolt a sudden desire hold me baby i am on fire. that was one fine post. thank you.

Deek Deekster said...

yo mike

i have an idea about sublimation of the sexual urge, endorphins and Aries

happy unbirthday

how about lunch? i have an opportinity which might be appealing to a super-brainy narc

ps: ignore transience, she's what you're trying to avoid

tequilita said...

you are too smart for yourself mike.

transience said...

deek, i am not easily ignored. i talk too much.