Never Too Late!

Never Too Late!
any resemblance to anyone real or imaginary is mere bad luck
we are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are trying to get up


brrrrrrrringg bbrrriiiinggg...
-i'd like to order an airstrike
-and what's your postcode please again sir?
oh dear we seem to be drunk again.

then a flying saucer hits me and splits my ear right open. i feel nothing.

according to differing accounts it was a bottle, a plate or an ashtray. this is why i don't believe anything anyone says anymore.

it's not too bad but after looking in the mirror and seeing the big notch in my ear i realise it probably does need a stitch, if only for cosmetic purposes. i ask everyone for superglue.

concerned friends convince me to go to the hospital. after an hour i get sick of waiting (don't get me wrong, i was having a good time, talking to the nurse, and that nutcase with all the blood on his shirt), walk out to the petrol station and buy some superglue. this was st thomas, lewisham, by the way. home, we disinfect the ear with (paulette's...) cachaça and superglue it shut.

self-reliance, people. i can't believe they convinced me to go to the hospital. if you took the advice of all ten of them excitable babbling drunken gesticulating idiots, you'd end up with your eyelids superglued shut, a tourniquet around each leg, hobbling around in a circle with your foot bandaged tightly to a piece of wood which is nailed to the floor.



Talking to the Taliban

I haven't seen anything else like this at all... who are the modern Tlbn's line soldiers? Report from Kandahar province: compilation of video footage and text on Globe and Mail's net, Talking to the Taliban

See the unedited interviews of the 42 fighters, take a look at a few... (Here are your 'international terrorists' you government twats...)

Half of them complain the government or the foreign troops have destroyed their opium fields, 80 per cent say they grow poppy... more than a quarter say family or friends have died in foreign air strikes...

(Obligatory photo of young Afghan with intense eyes and RPG)

Meanwhile the bigger picture; peace negotiations. Jason Burke has some idea over at Guardian. Some details he has wrong - or wait... actually he has no details at all... But it takes a certain audacity to write a non-story like that...

They deny everything, of course. But yes, people have been talking...



Don't go walking in the City of London. It's dangerous right now - there are ruined disgraced investment bankers and all sorts of capitalists raining from the high-rise office windows.

Fuck there are. These days they don't even have the dignity to fling themself from a window, like some men of honour may have done in '29, for fucking someone's fortune... The financial speculators of today will be laughing at their predecessors ("Can you imagine? They used to invest their own money... Hawhawhawhaaaw...") all the way to the Bahamas or Seychelles.